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Argyle Business Association

  1. ABA Directory Application

    Sign up to be included in the Argyle Business Association online directory.

Employee Internal

  1. Time Off Request

    Employee request for time off


  1. Board Application Form

    If you are interested in serving on a board or commission, please complete this form. Most board appointments begin on November 1st... More…

  2. Employment Application
  3. Report a Code Violation

    To report a violation, please fill out the form below. You may submit a report anonymously. Your name and contact information are only... More…

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  2. Fix It Form
  3. Town Council Public Participation Form - General Comments


  1. Community Security Camera Program Registration

    Did you know citizens and businesses can help the Argyle Police Department solve crimes and recover stolen property? We often develop... More…

Police Internal

  1. Daily Vehicle Mileage and Inspection

    Police vehicle mileage reporting and inspection checklist

  2. Training Request
  1. Time Off Request
  2. Vehicle or Equipment Maintenance Issues

    Report any maintenance issues with this form.