Who do I contact in order to buy Town real property?

If you are interested in any vacant land owned by the Town, please contact the Town's Community Development Department at 308Denton Street East, (PO Box 609) Argyle, Texas, 76226 or by telephone at (940) 464-7273. Please be ready to provide a street address or County Appraisal District Identification number at the time of your inquiry to the Town. The Town has no obligation to entertain request to purchase Town owned land. Nonetheless, if the Town wishes to entertain a request to purchase land, it must follow procedures set out in the Texas Local Government Code governing sales of real property by municipalities. Upon receipt of your inquiry, the Town will conduct an internal review to determine whether the property may be needed for future projects or whether the property is unneeded surplus property. If Town staff determines that the property is suitable for disposition, it will seek authorization from the Argyle Town Council to advertise the property for sale to the highest bidder. The Town Council reserves the right to accept the highest bid or reject all bids.

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