What happens after I submit a plat application?

Following the application deadline, the proposed plat is distributed to the Development Review Committee for review to determine the plat’s compliance with applicable Town regulations.

Once comments are collected from applicable reviewers, Town Staff shares those comments with the applicant to provide them an opportunity to address those comments.

Town staff then makes a recommendation to the Planning and Zoning Commission who will then approve, approve with conditions, or deny the plat at its regularly scheduled meeting (within 30 days of the official filing date per the Development Schedule). If the plat is approved with conditions, the applicant must resubmit the documents to meet those conditions, before filing the plat with the county clerk.

Once staff has determined that the revised plat complies with the conditions of approval by the Commission, the applicant can submit the required number of copies to obtain signatures from the Town. Once all the signatures are collected, the applicant will need to file the plat with Denton County.

For minor plats or minor replats, Town Staff has the ability to provide final approval. 

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