Exceptional Citizen Service Recognition program

Discover the Heart of Argyle: Celebrating Community Excellence

Nestled in history since 1871, Argyle owes its charm and progress to the unwavering dedication of its residents. Their selfless commitment, spanning generations, has shaped the vibrant town we cherish today.

In tribute to these exceptional individuals—past and present—the Argyle Town Council proudly introduces the Exceptional Citizen Service Recognition Program.

Criteria and Nomination Process:

To qualify for this recognition, the nominee must be an Argyle resident, or group located within the Town, and should display or meet two of the following criteria:

  • Strive to make a positive impact in the community
  • Enhance the Town of Argyle community and the lives of its citizens
  • Address or fulfill a community need or concern
  • Demonstrate a lasting impact on Argyle that benefits future generations

Nominations can be submitted conveniently online through our dedicated portal. Click here for nomination form.

The Town Council diligently reviews all submissions quarterly, culminating in a special Mayoral Proclamation. Nominations remain valid for up to one year from the initial submission, allowing ample time for recognition.

Nominators are tasked with providing:

  • A comprehensive application
  • Detailed information about the nominee and their contributions
  • An explanation of how the nominee's efforts positively impact the community now and in the future
  • Supporting evidence such as photographs, videos, or personal testimonials

Please note that all application materials become property of the Town and may be used for promotional purposes or in various online endeavors.


The deserving recipient of the Exceptional Service Recognition will be honored with a special Proclamation from the Mayor and Council. Additionally, a dedicated tree will be planted in Argyle's Unity Park in their honor, adorned with a plaque commemorating their service for all to admire.Salisbury plaque

Past Community Resident Recognitions:

  • November 2023: Kathy Salisbury, for her contributions to "Keep Argyle Beautiful"
  • December 2023: Joan Delashaw, a tireless activist and 50+ year resident
  • January 2024: Deborah Cottle, a dedicated 30+ year resident and member of the Argyle Lion's Club

Join us in celebrating the exceptional individuals who embody the spirit of Argyle and inspire us all to make a difference.

Joan Delashaw & Councilman Ron SchmidtKathy Salisbury