Animal Control

Animal Control is a division of the Argyle Police Department and is currently provided through a private contractor. The following are the services provided by contract through All American Dogs.

Enforcement of Town of Argyle Ordinances

  • Leash (confinement) law: Town ordinance prohibits dogs "running at large". Dogs must be kept confined to their owner's property, or on a leash if off their owner's property. Cats are exempt from this requirement.
  • Rabies/Registration tag: State law requires all dogs and cats to be current on their rabies vaccinations. Animals should wear their rabies tag. 
  • Microchip Scanning: Animal control is equipped with scanners to assist in returning your pet to you. Please ensure that your contact information is up to date through the manufacturer of your pet's microchip.
The entire Animal Control Ordinance (regulations) may be found in Chapter 2 of the Town's Code of Ordinances.

Patrol Services

All American Dogs provides a minimum of one to two hours of patrol per week in Argyle.

Service Calls

All American Dogs is available to answer routine service calls between the hours of 8:00 am and 5:00 pm, Monday through Sunday (excluding holidays). Only emergency service calls will be answered outside of those hours.

Emergency service calls are answered 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and include the following:
  • An injured domestic animal when the owner is not known or present;
  • A domestic animal bite to a human when the owner is not known or present;
  • Loose livestock in the roadway causing a hazard to motorists;
  • A domestic animal which has or is showing aggressive or dangerous tendencies.

Impoundment and Boarding

All American Dogs is authorized to capture and impound any animal upon having probable cause to believe the animal to be in violation of Argyle Ordinances or state law. If, by identification tag, the owner of an impounded animal can be identified, All American Dogs will make every attempt to return the animal to its home and notify the owner of any violations.

All impounded animals will be kept at a minimum of five days by All American Dogs. After this time, the animal will be released to a humane organization, placed for adoption, or humanely destroyed at the discretion of All American Dogs. No record will be kept by the Town as to the disposition of an animal after its release is made to the facility. 

Trapping Services

All American Dogs provides trapping services at no charge to citizens of Argyle. Trapping is available Monday through Friday when the weather is above 40 degrees and below 98 degrees Fahrenheit.

Additional Services

Residents of Argyle may hire All American Dogs for additional services beyond the scope of the Town of Argyle's contract. Residents who choose to hire All American Dogs for additional services will be responsible for any fees incurred. The following are examples of such additional services:

  • Emergency Animal Ambulance Services
  • Pet Transportation & Taxi Services
  • Lost Pet Recovery Services
  • Deceased Pet Removal, Cremation, and Burial Services
  • Nuisance Wildlife Rescue & Control
  • Pet Insurance Programs
  • Escape Prevention


For animal control assistance contact All American Dogs at 972-382-DOGS (3647).